Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Aftermath of a Yarn Bombing

Did you all read my post a couple weeks ago about the yarn bomb?
If not, you can click here to do that now.
If you did, I hope that you followed up with a visit to
and if you did not, well what are you waiting for? I really think you will enjoy it!
Art inspires art. I was so taken with the bright colors in the yarn bomb and loved the way that StreetColor combined them randomly into stripes. This bounced around in my head until I decided what to do with it.

The perfect opportunity to use up little bits of leftover yarns! (There are 19 colors total !)
So, here is my tribute to StreetColor and her lovely spirit and guerilla-style public art. This will become a guitar strap and , no doubt, be purchased by someone fun.

Closup of Guitar Strap

Also, this week I've been busy on Etsy. I've created my first 3  treasuries now! And here is the latest one by another Etsian that includes one of my inkle woven scarves. Somewhere Over the Rainbow.


  1. Great color combinations! I find mixing colors in the right order so they look nice is tricky but you nailed it!

  2. Thanks, Martha. I think it was done well in the knitting and feel that I captured the feeling of it in my weaving pretty well. I am so happy with this. ~Annie

  3. Oh good job! Nothing like turning inspiration into action. Beautiful piece.

  4. Love it, Love it. Love it! Diane will tell you - your strap looks like my living room! I have a feeling you will be asked to make more of these!

    I love how inspiration ebbs and flows around the world and all of a sudden - a spark - an idea - something new and beautiful happens.

    Well done, you!