Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Found a Great New Product ! (At the Car Wash)

A couple of weeks ago, as I was driving around town in my dirty truck, I was flagged down by some very enthusiastic members of a local soccer team who were hosting a car wash to raise money for uniforms.
I like enthusiasm! It was a great way to get a clean truck and help out these boys.
But that wasn't the best part. The best part was that I met another lady while we were both waiting for clean vehicles. She mentioned her shop on Etsy and my ears perked up. I think Etsy is a fantastic site providing us small time makers of things to sell to a worldwide audience. By now, you have probably already heard me talk about my shops on Etsy. If not you can visit here: Modern Stuff or Historic Costume.
The lady I met was Kelly, who has a shop here at . She has created something practical and beautiful that I just felt like sharing. Where I live re-usable shopping bags are all the rage. Many cities are banning plastic bags and it is now important to plan ahead and bring your own. 
Here's how she has responded to that need.


This is how she describes the bag which I think is SO cool.
Its so easy being green with this reusable compact grocery/ shopping bag. This folding bag is great to keep in your purse or take along when traveling. Measures 16"W X 17"H, about the size of the average grocery bag, and folds to the size of a wallet. Comes with easy folding instructions. Made of 100% cotton fabric in "Tumble Roses" pink from the Amy butler love collection. All the fabrics I use are high quality from top designers and are made in a smoke and animal free environment.

Here is how she describes herself and her shop. 
I come from a family of very talented people. I've learned most of my sewing from my mom who is an award winning quilter. I learned graphic arts, painting, drawing and woodworking from my dad. He is a talented sign maker, woodworker, flyfish fly tier and he even knows how to sew also. 
You will find that my creations have a retro flare. I love the vintage reproduction fabrics and you will find them used in a lot of my creations.

I bought the one pictured above, but she has many more!


  1. How pretty is that! They look great and thank you for the etsy lead.

  2. Wonderful way to be able to take a few bags without alot of bulk. And pretty as well!

  3. This is a very cool idea. We have reusable grocery bags, but they don't fold up nicely like this.

  4. I used it at the drug store tonight. It is so pretty and folds up so small to carry in my purse. I like it.

  5. how cool you met another etsy seller! I've seen her bags on etsy too. Nice idea and very pretty!