Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's New?

How do you like the new blog look? I sort of accidentally created it tonight.
I have been spending a lot of time learning to use Wordpress and after multiple attempts, I gave up on trying to put my Etsy shop on the new site and decided to try giving it it's own page here on this blog. Well, let me tell you that Blogger is much more friendly!!! So now you can click up top on the Shop Online tab and see some decent sized-photos of what is in my Etsy shop, ASpinnerWeaver.
The other shop, iWeaveSashes isn't represented here, but once on Etsy, they link to each other. One has modern items like guitar straps, shoelaces, key fobs, etc.
and the other has sashes,straps and silk ribbons for historic re-enactors.
One of my Celtic knot sashes was featured this week in this wonderful black and white handwoven treasury on Etsy.

Today I shipped off this pair of custom suspenders made with linen.

Last weekend, I cut up two tie-dyed t-shirts, made them into yarn, and wove two guitar straps.
Not only are the colors in these straps interesting and unpredictable in the way they line up, but the yarn is thick and weaves up really fast.
I especially like this last photo of the yarn on the loom. The colors in this yarn totally remind me of popsicles: lime, lemon, cherry, blueberry and grape.

Although I belong to the Santa Cruz Handweavers Guild, I rarely go to meetings because they are on a workday for me. This week I re-arranged my schedule to go, because it is the annual swap meet. I got rid of a whole garbage bag full of spinning fibers to Marilou Moschetti, who teaches felting. I only picked up a grocery bag full of new yarns, carpet wools and thick, lumpy silks. Maybe next week you will see some of the products of those yarns.

Maybe you have noticed that I am blogging less frequently than I used to. Did I ever mention that I work full time? My spare time is split between weaving and all of my internet connections. Soon I hope to share with you some links to fascinating stuff I have found around the net. I have been catching up on business and marketing information as well as learning a whole new blogging platform over at Wordpress. It is much more technical, so there is some HTML code and other stuff I have to get up to speed on. Really interesting!

Most of you probably already know this, but just in case....
If you click on that icon over to the right that says "WeaveRing" it will take you to another weaving blog. If you keep clicking, you will find yourself lost in fiberland for hours. Have fun!


  1. Oh, love those popsicle bands, and I'll bet the suspenders are a big hit!
    You must be very busy but oh so productive!

  2. New look to the blog is great. Love the bright t-shirt yarn. Makes me wish I had a guitar!

  3. What a great idea to use t-shirts in bright colors to weave with. I love them! Nice job on the bands-someone will be lucky to use those.

  4. The tie dyed t-shirt "yarn" is so summertime!

  5. Such pretty summery colors! I love how you can make something ordinary look so special. I changed my blog look too - blogspot had a few new templates and one fits my Mrs Talbott's Fresh Ideas 'look'!

  6. How interesting that the t-shirt straps make folks think of summer. I wonder if I could use that in marketing somehow. I did find one them in an Etsy treasury already and on a site called Wists. Yes, Mrs. T, Bloogger is making it easier. I'll go have a look at yours!

  7. Hi Annie,

    What fiber do you use for the weft on the t-shirt warps? Also, do you use a variegated yarn or single color?

  8. Naomi, I used a solid color crochet cotton as I do for weft most of the time. Whatever I have on hand that blends well.