Thursday, May 6, 2010

......And A House Full

Now that you have been on tour around the outside of my house and seen the flowers there.....
Please step inside for more.
These items are all currently on display in my artifact room (aka: the dining room).

Two woven sashes purchased in Guatemala. The first one has flowers woven in and the second one is embellished with crocheted flowers and embroidery.

A huipil, also purchased in Guatemala. Oh, I had so much fun trying on huipiles in the market in Santiago Atitlan! This is one very typical of that town.

A fine example of late 1800's Iroquois beadwork which I purchased on E-Bay. This is a small bag, most likely made for the tourist trade. The second side was missing all of the decoration, so I framed it.

A corn-husk bag from the Columbia River Plateau area (Oregon/Washington). Most of these bags I have seen, have two different designs on the two sides, but they are usually either geometric or floral. I found one which has floral on one side and geometric on the other. Score!

This shawl is velvet on one side and silk on the other. The silk has been printed with a traditional embroidered design from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. It is so well done that you actually think you can see the embroidery stitches.

And finally, a sweet little wool bag with machine embroidery that I purchased last year at the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous from the lady who made it.


  1. An amazing array of multicultural artwork. Are any of those pieces inspiration for your weaving?

  2. In a general sense, I think they are all inspirational. Sometimes I take color combinations or design elements from other textiles, although I can't say that this has been the case with any of these pieces.

  3. Wow - what beautiful pieces in your collection. One of my weekend finds was a simple inkle band - quite new because it is mostly synthetic - but lovely colours.