Thursday, June 25, 2009

Re-Entering the 21st Century

Max and I had a fabulous time at the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous living like folks did in the early 1800's. It was really a great experience. Things were straightforward. If you wanted hot water, you gathered wood, built a fire and carried water from the spring. No machines or modern things were in sight for a week. There were about 792 folks there, a small town. My good friends Cat & Larry included us in their family group camp, which made the experience so much richer. I can't thank them enough.
This was our place. We shared an outdoor kitchen and fireplace with our friends.

Here's some folks browsing in my shop on Traders' Row. We had a 5 minute walk to get from our camp to Traders' Row.

About half of my inventory was sold, I made a strap a day while I was there and sold most of them, I traded sashes for things I wanted, and have some custom orders to make back at home. A sucessful business venture and SO MUCH FUN!
To see more photos of the event, look at my Flickr page. The characters and costumes were awesome and amazing.

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  1. Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great time and good sales. Congratulations to you and to your lucky customers. Your weaving is the best!