Monday, April 5, 2010

What a Fun Time of Year!

I am so excitedly looking forward to this weekend! The Northern California Handweavers' Conference will be in Santa Clara, about an hour's drive from here. I'll be going over 3 days in a row. This time I signed up for 2 classes, but none are about weaving techniques. One is called "Photographing Your Work" and one is called "Websites, Podcasts and Special Networks. Oh My!" These are both very timely. I have been doing so much on the internet these days. You all would like to see better photos, I'm sure.
Also, at the Conference, I get to demonstrate inkle weaving! What shall I put on my loom? I'm thinking about something with a beaded border, just for fun.

Also, I have to look ahead to next weekend and could still use a few pieces to round out my inventory for the first big event of the year, the "18th Annual Mountain Man Traders' Faire and Historic Demonstration Days" at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. This has always been one of my favorite weekends of the year and I haven't missed a one. Participants must sell period items and get an invitation to be there. I usually find a good market here for my woven sashes and straps. All tents and furnishings must be in the period. (Late 1700's or Early 1800's). The volunteers at this State Park are amazing hosts. They feed us 3 square meals a day. And we get to spend the night camping inside the Fort walls. I love it!
Yesterday, I was busy tagging newly woven pieces in preparation. For these, I use only natural fibers (wool, hemp, silk, linen, cotton) and mostly in muted colors, or those that could feasibly come from plant dyes. Here are some of them.

These are 3" wide and some are long enough to go around the wearer twice.

These can also be used for sashes by women and children, but also make good straps for rifles, powder horns, canteens, shoulder bags, etc.


  1. The sashes are beautiful! Enjoy your 3 days at the conference! You lucky dog! It's just too far for me to do it in a day and the spring snow and driving has been problematic. Can't wait to hear all about it though and good luck with the demo. I think a beaded border sounds divine.

  2. Thank you! I look forward to being able to present you with better photos. Color is sometimes the challenge with my pictures.

  3. I'm going to pick your brain on that photography class! I know natural light is best, and it is astonishing how different colors can appear in different lighting. Even an overcast sky can be so different from sun and even from shade.