Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Shows Are Coming

...and it's time to weave. I'm back from vacation and in the process of weaving my 3rd and 4th pieces since my return.

A little two color green linen strap or sash. Simple.

Natural hemp with blue hemp/wool blend and wine colored wool. This one was not intended to be a pickup pattern, but when I saw that I had inadvertently put two hemps together, I thought I'd use this mistake for an opportunity to do a more interesting pattern. I like the result and it is different from anything I've ever done before. (I just like being able to say that after 33 years of weaving.)

Blue, green and off-white silk, burgundy silk/wool blend with a diamond pickup pattern.
I don't so much like the way the colors combine in this one.

3" wide wool sash. This will make a nice sash for some Mountain Man.
Greens, gray, black and white go together well.


  1. And they are all lovely. My you have been busy!

  2. Your weaving is terrific.
    Can you tell me who made your inkle loom in this photo? I'd love to see a pic of the entire loom if you could...

  3. Thanks! The loom that you see in the picture is made by Northwest Looms. Mine is made of walnut. Having the removable second side is handy. It's well made and I have been using it for maybe 10? years. The weaving distance on it is rather short, though.

  4. Pretty!! I look forward to seeing you at Trader's Faire later this month! I've been doing lots of sewing to stock my tables.