Friday, April 30, 2010

Here it is in Black and White

Belt by Laverne Waddington

Flickr is a great internet place which allows one to roam around the world and see glimpses of things through the eyes of countless other people all over the globe . I think of these photos as windows into other worlds.
That is where I first learned of Laverne Waddington and her awe-inspiring backstrap weaving. Laverne, who lives in Bolivia, has traveled all over South America studying weaving. She writes a wonderful blog about her travels and gives so much information about patterns, techniques, traditions, looms, etc. Also, just out is her e-Monograph on Andean Pebble Weave.
She is currently traveling the US and visiting weavers here. I was lucky enough to meet her at the recent CNCH conference, mentioned in an earlier post. When I found out that she was there, I sent her a message on Weavolution, confessing that I was a big fan and asking if we could meet up. She responded and kindly agreed to meet me the next day. I saw her from the back, but recognized her because she was wearing the above belt. I already knew it from seeing it on Flickr. I love this belt!
After seeing this photo, I was reminded how dramatic the combination of black and white can be and was so inspired to make a black and white piece myself.

Well, it was just going to be black and white, but then I added red glass beads along both borders. The result pleases me. (There is a very good article in Weavezine written by Ruth MacGregor on how to add beads to your borders .)
Do you have a favorite black and white something? Post a link below!
Here are links to Laverne's blog.
In this one she talks about her black and white belt.
This one shows some other black and white simple warp floats similar to mine above, done by a Guatemalan weaver of Aguacatan. Beautiful!

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