Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Soup to Nuts

That pretty much describes what my weaving habits have been like this week. I've gone from 3" wide wool sashes made of carpet wool , to 1/2" wide silk ribbon. It's all fun! Four looms have been put into play.

First of all, I wove two wide wool sashes to replace stock which sold at the Traders' Faire.

Then I worked on a custom belt for a friend. I like the colors and texture. The brown is a hemp, cotton, modal blend and all the others are assorted cottons. It turned out wider than what he wanted, so may find another purpose.

And more silk ribbon on the Inklette. I'm hoping that re-enactors wil find this useful for various purposes. So far, it has made stampede straps for hats, but it would make nice laces and trims for many items of apparel.

Finally, this loom is set up with a simple little cotton band in Spring greens. It will be with me this weekend at my Garden Art Show for anyone who would like to sit and weave on it.
I'm looking forward to spending two days in this lovely garden setting with 12 other creative women. I'll be weaving. Stop by if you are in Santa Cruz! Read this flyer for more details.


  1. lovely variety. feeds the soul, doesn't it?

  2. Thank you. Yes, it does feed the soul! Wait until you see the belt that I am making for myself right now. Photos coming soon. ~Annie