Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pickup Sashes from Other Weavers

iWeaveSashes and I Love Sashes. I have collected many from other weavers.
This is a group that a friend recently gave me. They were collected by her mother in Mexico many years ago. Although they were most likely woven on a backstrap loom, the pickup technique is the same as what I do. These are woven on the horizontal bar background.
For a short video of this patterning technique, click here.

The Navajo and Pueblo people have traditional woven sashes which also employ the same technique on the horizontal bar background.
This Pueblo sash is so striking because of the colors, I think. It was woven with fantastic precision and talent. Several years ago I found it on purchased it on Ebay. Along with it the seller sent me the blue ribbon it won at the Santa Fe Indian Market.
This one, also purchased on Ebay, is Navajo made and has been worn quite a lot. It, too was woven by someone with talent. For more about the Navajo sash tradition, visit this link.

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