Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Great Week for Weaving

Springtime and thinking of that first big show in April usually gets me weaving.
This has been a good week for it. Here is a lineup of what has come off the loom this week. With one exception, all are woven with historic re-enactors in mind.
Natural fiber yarns in colors that could be plant-dyed are my parameters. Since I have a lifetime supply of carpet wool, this is what I use most.

Someone recently asked me if I used software to design my patterns. The answer is no.
If there is software for inkle weavers, I am unaware of it.
For many years I used graph paper and colored markers to design my patterns. I even gave that up. This may sound kind of haphazard, but I design as I go. With a few colors of yarn at hand, I just start winding the warp, making changes and decisions on the fly. When it comes to pickup patterns, I have to set up the warp with the pattern threads in the correct order. But then I just start weaving and picking. If I don't like the result, I back up and start again until I like it.
Each piece then is sort of a happy educated accident. Weaving without a plan. Totally spontaneous playing with color and pattern. I am having fun!

This is the belt I made for modern times. The turquoise is so bright!


  1. Must feel great to get this much work finished! I really like the zipper effect in the black and red one.

  2. There is an inkle weaving group on Yahoo--one of the members created a pickup design program, which works pretty well. If you join the group, you can download the program from the "Files" directory.

  3. Oh, really? I belong to that group, but do not visit it much. I will have to check that out.