Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pickup Patterns

Thanks to weavers who are more internet savvy than I, there is a lot of information out there. If you are interested in doing pickup patterns, check out this website: There are written instructions and a link to her video on YouTube.
She does an excellent job of describing the process. I couldn't have done it better myself and highly recommend viewing it if you are at all interested in pickup patterns.
She demonstrates one of my favorite patterns, the Celtic knot. Here are some of the variations I have woven. These are done on the speckled background.

Variations on the Celtic knot
She also shows how to do a pickup pattern on a horizontal bar background.
Here are some examples of that.

Pickup in two colors


  1. How did you do the 2 color pick-up (4 from left, 5 from right) with the blue and white zig-zags? Did you find the pattern online? I've only ever found the celtic knot pattern. If you'd be willing to share the pattern I'd be very grateful. Very lovely work.

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