Saturday, January 9, 2010

Two Things I Rarely Do

1) Weave an asymmetrical patternBut I thought it would be one way to incorporate all 6 colors and make a pattern that was dissimilar to the others.

2) Use pastel colorsThis is what the customer asked for. I am glad she requested the navy blue in this one, as I think it adds a lot!

These are the last two in the series of custom garters. I am to deliver them in about 2 hours and am hoping for a favorable response!


  1. I love the asymetric band, it seems to have sun and shade. Pink is not my colour, but I see just what you mean about the navy, it gives depth to the pattern.

  2. Dorothy, I like your interpretation of sun and shade. This green pair is the one she liked the best. Pink is definitely not my color either. I think this whole order has given me new ideas about using color. More colors is a stretch of the imagination and that is good!

  3. I'm a big fan of asymmetry - so no surprise that I like the asymmetrical band!

    The pink band looks great. I like some pinks - especially rosy pinks. The navy does really help that band.

    It is interesting to do work to fit some one else's idea of what looks can stretch you in good ways (or be totally enervating!)