Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Today is Randy's birthday. We met at a Mountain Man Rendezvous some 15 or so years ago. He is a good friend and a collector of my weaving. The above photo was taken last June at the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous. He's wearing a sash and garters that he got from me.
At that event, his wife came by and made me a trade for another sash which he seemed to be admiring. It's been waiting for a special occasion.
I call this one "Water Spider" because the pattern reminds me of a pattern used in Navajo weaving which is called by that name.
The day before his birthday party, I found out that someone stole a bag containing all of his powder horns and accessories. Hoping that he soon gets a new horn, I figured I'd make him a strap just in case. I chose handspun wool in natural colors.


  1. I'm impressed by how attractive and neat the handspun wool band is, when I tried wool my band edges were very untidy. What a lovely present for Randy's brithday. It's very sad that his powder horns and bag were stolen.

  2. Hi, Dorothy.
    Thanks~! The yarn I used in the powder horn strap was fairly hard spun and even to begin with. After so many years of inkle weaving, my edges should be even! I wish I had a measure of how many yards of weaving have come off my little looms in all that time. And there is always something new!