Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Feel a Scarf Coming On.. Part Two

Since I have been eyeing the ball shown in the previous post all week and wanting to use it, I dug around in my scarf yarn basket and picked out some possible companion yarns. I put them all together, moved them around, twisted a few strands together and selected the group that made me happiest.
The skein of multi-colored sari silk on the right got ruled out, because it might overtake the piece. The rayon is so nice, that I wanted it to be seen. The ball of blue bamboo on the left got ruled out because it was brighter than I wanted. This scarf was going to be subtle, I decided, like the sky is at dusk or dawn when blues, pinks and lavendars fade into one another.
This left two colors of bamboo, gray and mauve. Blue-gray silk. Dusty rose cotton chenille. And Robin's handpainted rayon rickrack, or rather, boucle, as she calls it.
Tomorrow you can see what the yarns look like on the loom...


  1. Beautiful colors together!!

    I'm stuck at the beginning of my mixed warp scarf, (and my blog hasn't caught up yet to my stuckness), but I'm very interested to see the progression of your project!!


  2. Oh, goody. I will keep my eye on your blog and see what your mixed warp scarf looks like. I think this mixed warp thing really appeals to me in my work and others, too.
    Most weavers would not consider weaving scarves on an inkle, but it works. I don't know why more people aren't doing it. Aside from picking out the yarns, which doesn't really count, I can do a scarf from start to finish in a couple of hours. This suits me because then I can go back to picking yarns again.