Monday, November 9, 2009

I Feel a Scarf Coming On.. Part One

This is how it starts sometimes, with a particular ball or skein of yarn. I am very fond of rayon in general because of its sheen, drape and silky feel. Rayon rickrack yarn is like a faceted gem because it reflects light from different angles. This ball of handpainted yarn came from Robin Pascal of Edgewood, New Mexico. To see more of her work look at her website.
I bought several skeins from her on my last visit to New Mexico. She is part of the New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails, a state-sponsored program. "We believe arts-based economic development is vital to a sustainable future for our state’s rural communities." To read more click here.
Check back tomorrow to see the next step in creating a scarf.


  1. Oh, say YES to the scarf!!! Beautiful colors, Annie!!! xo Cait

  2. Thanks. I bought several skeins from Robin because she had such nice color combinations.
    I was thinking about your scarves and cuffs and wondering how you select yarns.
    I hope that this series of 4 blog posts will describe my process to my readers.