Monday, September 28, 2009

What Inspires Me

I belong to a group called the Central Coast Textile Artists. It is a fascinating bunch which includes some really talented and well known artists. Most of them are quilters. Fancy art quilts and amazing apparel. One woman designs fabric. You can go to the store and buy fabric printed with her colorful and whimsical designs.
I feel odd in a way 'cause I can barely sew. One of the members came over to my house and spent an hour showing me how my sewing machine works. This included helpful hints like: The needle is in backwards and the bobbin is winding the wrong direction.
We have lots of show and tell at the meetings and boy is it cool!
Recently we had a planned topic of discussion: "What inspires you?"
Many of us said that other people's art inspires our own. Which is why we all like getting together and why they don't mind having a lone weaver. We aren't trying to do the same thing, but being inspired by each other.
I'm finding that as I get older, I like more bright colors and wear stuff that I wouldn't have 10 years ago. I'm older, bolder, and can work with this in my wardrobe.
So, recently I found my way into a store that sold Turkish imports. I was drawn in by the embroidered boots. But not willing to spend what it took to own my own pair, I settled for a pashmina shawl and a bowl instead. The colors are bright! They move me! I'm inspired!

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