Sunday, July 19, 2009

Art Show. You Are Invited.

This art show with 2 friends will be held in Liz's driveway on the day of the big Wharf to Wharf Race. It draws about 15,00 runners. Because her house is near the finish line, crowds of people are milling about in the morning waiting for the racers to come along. We thought we'd see if folks wanted to visit while waiting. If you are local, please stop by! We recommend waiting until afternoon. Traffic will block driving access to our location in the morning.
We three friends met at an art marketing workshop in February. Actually 5 of us formed a follow up study group. It has been good comraderie; we all encourage each other. And have fun doing it. Just look at these smiling faces! Left to right: Gwen Revino- Watercolors, Me, Liz Crain- Ceramic Sculpture, Terry Parker- Functional Ceramics, Connie Williams- Watercolors.
I highly recommend visiting the website of Alyson Stanfield who taught the workshop if you are interested in marketing yourself as an artist. This woman has lots of energy and ideas!

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