Monday, June 8, 2009

Off to the Woods to Set Up a Shop

Set up shop in the woods, you ask? Yes!
This is the site for Traders' Row at the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous at Forbestown, CA. On June 11 my son, Max, and I are off to the event for 10 days. I will be setting up shop to sell my weaving to Mountain Men & Women. These folks, who re-enact the Fur Trade Era of the late 1700's and early 1800's have many uses for my straps and sashes. Rifle straps, powder horn straps, straps for shoulder bags, etc.
Here are some of the pieces that I have ready to go.

Here is what I look like in my Mountain Woman clothes.

Although he would like to go, my sweet husband, Rick, has to stay home and go to work instead. He kindly loaned his clothes to son, Max, for the trip. Here are photos of father showing son the proper way to tie a sash. It warms my heart!

Although I will be on vacation, my blog will not. Stay tuned for a colorful series of posts.


  1. Annie, I am curious as all heck about your coming adventures. Best of fun, weather, and sales, too.