Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Scot!

My mother's family is from Scotland, Baird is the family name. I married a MacHale, also of Scottish origin. When I was young I danced the traditional Highland dances. Our family attended many an event that included competitive Highland dancing, music and sporting events. This was a thrill and I have ever since loved bagpipe music.
The inkle looms I use are from Scottish tradition. A very exciting project just presented itself to me.

My friend, Elise, asked me if I would consider weaving a pair of garters for her husband to wear with his kilt hose (the special socks that go with a kilt). She knit this beautiful pair for her husband, Mike, and yesterday he tried them on for me with the new set of garters. Can't wait to see photos of the whole outfit.
I feel very proud of this project because it seems to connect me with a cultural tradition in a way that I have never felt connected before. Thanks Mike and Elise!


  1. Great photo, Annie! I posted at link on X Marks the Scott. You can go to and look at Inkle Woven Garters to see the comments.

  2. MacLeod do need a trip to Cape Breton! Bring the friends with the kilts too. The garters you made have almost all of the Cape Breton Tartan colors. Just a wee bit of gold and it's match. What a great project. Beautiful knitting in those stockings too.