Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Work In Progress

My husband says that the more looms I have going at once, the better my mental health.
This is what is in the works this week. I am trying to stock up for upcoming events, like the Annual Traders' Faire at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento, which has been my favorite event for the last 16 years. (As a vendor, I get to camp inside the Fort walls! And the volunteers provide wonderful meals cooked over the hearth in the old kitchen.)
Pictured here are my 3 Schacht inkle looms with cotton and linen warps. The one on the left has a pickup pattern on a horizontal bar background, the center one is a plain weave, and the one on the right is a pickup on a speckled background. I'm kinda liking the mustard yellow linen. What do you think?

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