Friday, May 3, 2019

The Ebook is Ready!!

Launching a book is a BIG adventure. If you are doing it yourself, it can be overwhelming and amazing and frustrating and glorious.
For me, it has been all of these things in varying proportions from one day to the next. 

It's May 3rd and I am traveling in California to teach a couple of weaving workshops and do a guild presentation. (See my Events page for details.) More adventure!
On May the 1st, with help, I launched the ebook version of "In Celebration of Plain Weave" from the road. It is now available in my Etsy shop here:

I brought a dozen copies of the paper book along, thinking I'd ship them from the road. They had been selling at a rate of 2-4 each day. But, something surprising happened. The first day out, I sold the 12 copies I had wrapped and brought with me. So, they are out of stock until I return home again. I'm now selling from the 3rd printing!!!!
(Each printing has been 250 copies.)

I'm delighted with the response that the book has been receiving!! 
Check out some of the comments below: 

Liz Gipson,
" Just got my copy of this book in the mail and it is SO GOOD. The section on color is pitch perfect and I think any weaver would find it helpful. "

One of my bandweaving heroes is Susan Foulkes. She is such an important source of information on bandweaving from around the world. Her research and re-creation of historic bands is amazing!
If you don't already subscribe to her blog, I highly recommend it! This week she wrote a review of my book and tried out one of the patterns for herself. Thanks, Susan! You can read it here:
5-star Etsy reviews:

"I had high expectations of this book, having seen Annie's contributions to inkle weaving both through her website and through various Facebook groups. I have to say that, even so, I was blown away by how thoughtfully designed, organized and illustrated this book is. I'm no newbie to color theory, but the concepts and examples here are so well presented that this will definitely be a main reference for me. Brava!"

"I am a beginner inkle weaver, and I find the patterns very helpful to use. The pattern pictures are big, clear, and colorful. I love that the book is spiral bound."

"I love this book. I’ve been so inspired that I’ve completed three and have another on my inkle loom ready to start tomorrow. Great glad bought it!"

"This book needed to be written and I’m so glad Annie was the one to do it. Great job, and beautiful pictures. Thanks for signing it too!!"

"Beautiful book! Well done, spiral binding always a good thing for crafting books. This book goes pretty deep into color theory and design elements specific to warp-faced band weaving. And makes it so understandable. Getting better control over what you want a band to do - sizzle and pop banjo straps or soothing calm yoga staps, it's all about color. Thank you, Annie, for putting this all together in a way that makes sense to a band weaver!"

"A Beautiful book all the way through. I especially liked Color Relationships and Color Schemes. and Color and Human Perception as it applies to more than one of my hobbies. It was you Annie MacHale who inspired me to take up weaving. I really enjoy it. Thank you!"

"This book is beautiful beyond words. Every page was breathtaking. I love it! It arrived sooner than expected which was icing on the cake. Thank you, Annie."

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