Monday, March 13, 2017

A New Project- Santa Fe Style

Once upon a time I decided that I was going to start trading in my clothes one piece at a time for handmade. Well, that will probably never happen. I'm not really a fashionista, but I do sort of have a style. I love handmade clothes, ethnic designs, colorful embroidery, lace, Southwest style vests and tiered skirts, cowboy boots, Native American jewelry and woven shoes. And remember a few posts back when I was sporting all of those "tribal" patterns?

Thrift store shopping has been my thing for decades, but it's even more fun than ever here. The local thrift shops have incredibly great deals and I have found myself drawn more and more into hunting for those unique clothes. It's hard to resist a good deal even if it doesn't exactly fit me.

Guatemalan Huipil with exquisite embroidered design featuring birds

So, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered the world of online clothing sales for the everyday folks who just happen to love clothes. While there are a few sites, I chose to open shop on Poshmark and called it Santa Fe Style. (Click here to see it.) That sort of encompasses the handmade, ethnic and Southwestern fashion that is "my style".  It's been kinda fun learning a new social/shopping site and how it works.

 I'm a sucker for a good Southwest Vest! This one by Rebecca Stark has fantastic silver concho buttons!

Sedona Clothing Company vest made in Sedona, AZ is an interesting tapestry weave with some chenille. 

Within the first couple of days, I had over 200 followers. Where did they come from? Why did they follow me? Well, that's apparently what you do on Poshmark. Follow and share each others' stuff. The more the merrier. Established sellers have tens of thousands of followers!

Within the first hour I had listed 3 items and got my first sale. Whoa! So now it's a couple of weeks down the road and I've made 8 sales. This could work, I'm thinking. In my spare time.

I love this wool coat with handwoven panels from ChimayĆ³, NM. It's just a bit snug on me. From the 1970's, I think.

Although I'd love to model all of the stuff and have someone else take photos, this isn't always  practical. (And remember that it didn't all fit anyway.) So, I'm trying to master the art of "the flat lay" (Or putting stuff on the floor, photographing it and having it look cool). I've been taking photos of my weaving to sell online for years, but clothing is different.

This handwoven jacket has really excellent details like hand-braided trim and hand-knotted buttons. 

I also like the pretty and feminine. Give me flowers, lace and embroidery any day!

It also allows me to sell things that I have had in my closet for a while and just haven't worn.

A cotton knit sleeveless sweater from Peru. 

It seems funny to me, a fiber person, that others actually list clothing for sale without telling you what the fiber content is! Imagine!

I'm even cutting loose some of my sweet jewelry that I just don't wear anymore.

If you should decide to check out Poshmark for yourself, please use the code GMYSW when you sign up and you and I will both get savings. It's a $5 off your first order deal for you!
Or drop me an email at:

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