Saturday, February 11, 2017

New Mexico True Certified!

In New Mexico, there are more artists, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses than you might expect. So may of us live in rural areas and don't depend on employers, but are making our own way. The State of New Mexico understands this and offers various ways of supporting it's residents. For instance, the New Mexico Department of Tourism has provided opportunities for those who create products in the state to showcase their businesses on it's website,

The lovely statement on the site reads: "For generations New Mexicans have made a living from the land, herding cattle, growing pecans, creating magnificent pieces of jewelry from stones harvested underground. Today those traditions live on, supporting present day families and inspiring a new generation of makers, growers and ranchers.
When you buy jewelry, textiles, arts and crafts, food, wine, beer and other products with the New Mexico Certified True Mark, you have our promise that they are authentically "New Mexico True" - made, grown and born and raised right here with pride, love and the finest quality ingredients."

Did you notice that they actually mentioned textiles as #2 on the list? Living in a place where textiles are regarded as an important part of the culture is SO amazing!!!

I was inspired to add my straps to the list of "True" products. The certification process is free and has only a few steps to it. They asked me to submit some photos, including one or two of where my products are made. Below is a photo of my weaving room, aka "the Color Lab".
(If you'd like to come visit and maybe take a class, send me an email! at

I began the process last October just in time to get my listing on the site and into the Holiday Gift Guide. Already this has resulted in a few contacts by potential customers and an invitation to sell my straps in a local gallery. 

I'm excited to say that Galleria Ortega in Chimayó is now representing me!
This is a lovely little shop in a town that is know for it's weaving tradition! The owners, Evita and Andrew Ortega have curated an awesome display of fine things representing New Mexico and the Southwest. As much as is possible, they like to fill the gallery's many rooms with locally made products. As a tourist, I have stopped in several times myself and purchased uniquely New Mexico items like the hand-carved red and green chile earrings, books and notecards, and a cool t-shirt or two. 
Andrew himself is a 7th generation weaver and has his large working loom set up in a back room, always with a rug or two in progress. Visit their website here:

If you go to Chimayó, it's one of the highlights and centrally located near the old Plaza del Cerro. Nearby are some other things that you shouldn't  miss:  Chimayó History MuseumOrtega's Weaving Shop,  El Santuario de Chimayó, and Centinela Traditional Arts

"Specializing in all things New Mexico. Traditional Art, Contemporary Artists, Southwest Books,  Art Wear, T-shirts, and the Best of New Mexico Chile products."  


  1. Congratulations! Most wonderful although I find myself taken with all the bags of yatns on the shelves in the color lab (brand?) and all those inkle looms!

    1. Love those built-in shelves. This is the Omega Sinfonia yarn which I sell to my students and through my Etsy shop, so it is kept handy. My working stash is in that closet behind the green doors!

    2. So you do! Favored and bookmarked. You have some great colors!