Sunday, April 26, 2015

Two Pickup Patterns

After seeing the last post, someone asked me to share the pattern for the strap with the rainbow diagonal pickup, so I drew it up to share here. And since the chevron is a very closely related pattern, I thought I'd include it also. It would be great to see how other weavers use these patterns to create their own designs, so send me photos if you do!! The following information assumes that you already know how to do the Baltic style pickup patterns and to read the charts commonly used with them.
If you are new to pickup patterns, I recommend that you start with something simpler and have a tutorial over here that you might like: Greek Key Pickup Tutorial

The above pattern uses a progression of 5 pattern colors, almost a rainbow, against a black background.  The visual effect makes the color bands appear balanced to my eye in spite of the fact that they don't all use the same number of threads. With some of the colors, I used 3 of each and some 4 of each. Below is the threading draft for this pattern. The top row are heddled and the bottom row are open warps.

The pickup pattern is below. White squares represent the background threads in my woven design (black) and colored squares correspond with the colors in the draft above. 

The strap shown in the picture below was done as a custom camera strap for a very colorful guy. You can read the story about that here: From Oaxaca City to New York City - Sharing My Love of Color With Other Artists.  See how the pattern on the front and back sides appears very differently.

Below is the threading draft for it. The top row are heddled and the bottom row are open warps.

And here is the pickup pattern. (Again, white squares represent the background which is actually black in my woven design and the colored squares correspond to the colored pattern threads in the woven design.) You can see how I achieved a nice effect by alternately picking up two chevrons and then creating a space in between by allowing the background to show through, The plain weave pattern in between the pickup areas appears as speckles. 


  1. Wow I love the diagonal pick-up pattern, thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Holland, Wendy
    Wendy's Mhaaksels

    1. Wendy, thanks for your comment! It is my pleasure to share my designs and I'm really happy when I know who is seeing and using them. ~Annie

  2. This is great! Thank you so much for sharing information!

    1. Hi, Torie. I'm glad that you liked this post and hope you find it helpful! The charting is a new challenge for me and I've reworked them since the original post adding info. Whew!