Friday, October 17, 2014

What do You do with a Woven Band? My Customers Can Show You!

I LOVE to get pictures from my customers of them using the piece I made for them.
Here are a few which I've collected recently and thought you might enjoy them, too.
These really give me a sense of pride in what I do.

This is my son, Max, who lives in South Lake Tahoe, CA. He is seen here at the Red Bull Global Rallycross in Snoqualmie, Washington. His handwoven camera strap reads "The Way of the Road Warrior". You can see his photos here: The Way of the Road Warrior Studios.

My friend, Saskia's husband and sons do "Cowboy Action Shooting" where you dress the part. Although the photo is a bit far away to tell, the guy in the black hat is wearing a blue hatband woven especially for him and his cowboy outfit.

This scurvy pirate was seen during the "Pirate Invasion Weekend" at the Northern California Renaissance Faire wearing, not one, but two of my woven sashes. 

It seems that this blue and orange strap was a good match for the customer's bass!

Marc is part of a Canadian band, Tribu Kornu; they play their own and very interesting style of "Celtic Tribal" music. He sent me these photos of  his tunic with the handwoven trim. This was a fun order in which I did a partial trade for their CD. And I just got their newest CD in trade for another bit of trim for another band member.

I love my job!!!!

Sending a huge THANK YOU to all the customers who have paid me to do what I love. 
Thanks for giving me your vision and letting me manifest it in yarn on my inkle loom! 

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