Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teaching Fun!

On Sunday, July 13th, I had 8 students in my class at Yarns by the Sea in Aptos, CA.
Most were new to inkle weaving, and one just needed a refresher.
The shop carries some good yarns for inkle weaving and students selected various different ones.

Carole, who was just taking the class as a refresher, chose this cotton yarn with a bit of sparkle.
It is enough sparkle to add a fun element, but not enough to overwhelm.

Stella chose this "Ty-Dy" yarn from Knit One, Crochet Too. Because of the variegated yarn, she didn't have to be bothered with charting the pattern, so while the rest of the students were doing this, she warped and started weaving.

At the end of the class, she cut her piece off the loom and wrapped it on! 

Stella took the class along with her mom, Sandy. They borrowed a loom and when I went to pick it up 5 days later, I found that Stella had woven a few more pieces. I think she likes it!

The "Sassy Skein" yarn was popular with the class. It comes in fantastic bright colors.

Sara, a shop employee, was happy to learn a new craft. She studied a bit on the internet the night before. Her first piece went very well.

By the time I saw her 5 days later, she was working on this pickup pattern, her second piece.

Michelle showed up at class with a pattern she liked, chosen from one of my blog posts
She showed me that she had saved it on her phone. She chose a nice cotton and it will become trim on a Medieval tunic for her son who is involved in the SCA

It was great to work with Yarns by the Sea and  they like the idea of adding weaving to their repertoire. Next up: a rigid heddle class with Deborah Jarchow. See details here: http://www.yarnsbythesea.com/events.php


  1. I am a weaver, who just found the Swedish band loom.....and I've fallen in love.
    I want to make a camera strap for myself......I see you have attachments for guitar straps. Can you tell me where to get them for a camera?

    1. Hi, Hilary.
      Just checked out your blog and saw your new band loom. Congratulations! Just like the guitar strap ends, I've not found any available camera strap ends and have had to make up my own. It involves buying plastic parts and nylon webbing from 3 different vendors, cutting, melting and having someone else do the sewing. We have not streamlined this into a process which makes it possible to sell them as kits yet. So, my best recommendation is to see if you can salvage parts from another strap. Or, sometimes, swivel clips will fit the camera. If the camera has flat attachment holes made to fit the nylon webbing, you can add a tiny split ring like a keyring and then use the swivel clips.
      This Etsy shop has lots of useful hardware bits: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SewingSupplies?section_id=7160142&ref=shopsection_leftnav_9
      Good luck! I hope to see pictures!