Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Garden Art Show and Sale

So, what a great time that was!!! My weekend show included 15 other creative women. When I sit in the garden weaving, surrounded by other artists and their work it is inspirational! But this weekend, there was a non-stop parade of fascinating visitors and I am so excited about the conversations and connections that took place. Oh, I wish that I had taken more pictures, but here are a few.

Current selection of guitar straps. (For sale here.)

Wall of color! 

 When my booth is set up like this with two walls hung with my weaving, it creates this fantastic room of color which I very much enjoy sitting in to weave. But, it gets better when friends like the ones below come to visit as they add even more amazing color!!!!!!

These two ladies are friends from the Central Coast Textile Artists group to which I belong. On the left is Rachel Clark who is wearing one of her handmade coats for which she is famous. You can check out her website here.  And on the right is the multi-talented Stella Sexsmith who occasionally blogs here wearing an amazing sweater which she knit. Stella, you should post more photos of your artwork on your blog. (I know she's reading this.)

My visitors included some some folks who will be helping me create a new website to feature my guitar straps, a local musician and promoter who I hope to work with on an upcoming Santa Cruz showcase exhibit of guitar builders. You will be hearing about both of these projects in the near future.


  1. Your wall of color is just beautiful as your two lovely friends. Looking forward to hearing about your new projects.

  2. Thanks, Martha! You know I like color!