Thursday, October 18, 2012

Post Renaissance Period

Well, I was very busy weaving to fill my booth at the Renaissance Faire and did little else for a few weeks. Now that it is over for this year, I can look back and reflect on the experience, which was pretty awesome!
Here are a few shots of me and the booth. 

After the first weekend, I decided that I needed to be more visible from a distance, so my friend Heather and my daughter, Natasha, helped me make the HANDWEAVING banner. We found the right font, blew it up, cut stencils, used spray glue to hold them down and  spraypainted the letters onto canvas. 
It turned out great and really helped with visibility, I think.  

I made some money, had some fun, learned a lot, and got invited back to try again next year. This event is much different than the Fur Trade Era of living history that I am used to. Next time, I'll bring more guitar straps and modern things for visitors, as well as the sashes. I still have a pretty big inventory left, so I am getting them photographed and listed one by one in my Etsy shop, iWeaveSashes
Here are some of my favorites from this weeks photo shoot. 

I had fun staging them. Some people like product photos with white space in the background. Not this girl!

This is just a cool strap. The color combination is a bit unusual and I wasn't sure I liked it at first. Then I started playing with the red and picking them up. Throughout most of the strap, they appear as dots and dashes, but right in the center I created a diamond. I like it that way. 

This pattern with the two darker colors spiraling around each other is one I like to weave from time to time.
 I invented it after studying the much more complex Lithuanian patterns which use this 3-color speckled background for pickup patterns. 


  1. Beautiful straps, I love these patterns and colours!

  2. Thanks, Jeanne! I do have fun playing with patterns and colors!

  3. Hi Annie, Do you have a draft for this pattern? I love the play of the two colors back and forth!

  4. Naomi-
    I do not go from pattern drafts very often; mostly I weave spontaneously. Maybe I could describe it, though, and will take a crack at this when I have some time. I could post it here!

  5. Thanks Annie, I will keep checking. There is always something new to weave...