Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Public Art - Part One

Just behind my house, over the back fence is a county park. It's real name is Anna Jean Cummings Park. 
Anna Jean Cummings was the founder of the Santa Cruz Land Trust and a member of the "Save Soquel" group that was involved in converting the O’Neill Dairy Ranch into public recreational and open space. 
This 95-acre park is a fitting tribute to this community volunteer.
However, for obvious reasons, is commonly called "Blue Ball Park". 

Photo courtesy of Stephen Hosmer. 

Back in 1991, the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors created a "Percent for Art Program" applicable to County construction projects. This program established that  up to 2% of the construction costs for new buildings and parks can be allocated to place public arwork at the site.
As part of building this park, an art installation called "Skyballs" was created by Steve Gillman and Katherine Keefer. Four sky-blue balls appear to be rolling down the gently sloping hill. 
A team of artists constructed the 8-9 foot diameter concrete spheres

Thanks to Stephen Hosmer for allowing me to use his beautiful photo of the park. Stephen is a creative genius whose main artform is sign-making; his company is Stokes Signs. His photography will blow you away, though. Many of his images can be seen here on Facebook.

To be continued...............


  1. What an incredible photo! Thanks for this info on the park: I'm waiting for the next installment with baited breath...

  2. Jan- I agree that the photo is fantastic. It makes the blue balls look more like art than in real life!