Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ashford Wheels & Looms

You may remember this blog post I wrote back in 2010 about meeting Richard Ashford at Convergence.
It has led to a happy exchange of goods, information and ideas. 

He invited me to come over and demonstrate use of the Inklette in their booth. So I did. I decided to make it more fun by weaving this piece with the company name in it. 
To keep in touch, I got signed up to be a member of the Ashford Club
Members get a quarterly e-mail newsletter and an annual print copy of the stunning magazine they publish entitled "The Wheel", which is full of beautiful photos, project articles and stories of fiber artists around the world. I was asked to contribute an article in for the last issue which was published in the Fall of 2011.

It included a page about myself and my passion for inkle weaving and also a  brief description 
of how to weave letters with setup draft and letter charts. 

Just last week, this instruction booklet was added to the Ashford Wheels and Looms website.
This is well written and photographed and my segment on weaving letters is included on page 15. 


  1. Congratulations on the publication. I found you just yesterday and have found your blog, TV spot and now this booklet very helpful.

  2. Thank you, Teresa. I'm glad to know that you found this to be helpful!