Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Patterns Where You Live

Surely you have heard me say that I love Patterns! While our houses commonly have patterns on the interior (think carpets, wallpaper, tilework) for the most part, they tend to be plain on the outside. These creative folks have courageously patterned their spaces on the outside.

In the town of Tiebele in Burkina Faso, a country in west Africa the Gurunsi people live in lively patterned  houses.  In this society the men are in charge of building, while the women are in charge of painting and decorating the home. The women create their beautiful "frescoes" using natural colours: red, white and black on an okra background.  Photo from Evy's Inspirations on Tumblr

Painted patterns on a house in Čičmany, Zilinsky, Slovakia. Photo by eva on Flickr

Little Moreton Hall is a moated 15th-century half-timbered manor house near Congleton, Cheshire, England. It is one of the finest examples of timber-framed domestic architecture in England.  Photo by Shertila Tony on Flickr.

                              In  Garnet Hill Park in Glasgow, Scotland    photo by LiseMac on Flickr

A colorful house of a colorful artist. Katwise designs and makes inspired coats by recycling sweaters.
Her Etsy shop can be found here.  Photo from The Flying Tortise blog.


The Rainbow Family Village in Taichung, Taiwan. An older resident, Huang Yung-fu transformed this area of dull concrete buildings with his bright paintings. More photos here on Flickr by Steven Barringer.