Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 Generations of Fiber on Etsy

This sash was recently added to my Etsy shop

 I call it a 3rd generation Etsy piece because it is a fiber creation lovingly handled in three stages by three different Etsy artists.  The fiber was dyed and carded in Pennsylvania, spun in Illinois and woven in California.

 Last summer when I went back to my hometown of Springfield, Illinois, I decided to look up another Etsy seller, Yvette Jones, who lives there because I had admired the yarns in her shop, AFiberLoveJones.  Yvette was fun to spend an afternoon with. Looking through all of her creations, drinking tea, and talking about the town where we both grew up was just about the finest shopping experience of the year.  She makes yarns in color combinations that grab me and gives them names that you just know have a whole story behind them like Pueblo BonitoRa's Far Eye, and Knotted Love . The one used in this sash was called "The Willows", but that name came from the lady who dyed and carded the fleece.

The magic of this yarn began with Liz Stottemeyer whose Etsy shop is called hobbledehoyLiz was featured here on the Etsy blog and I enjoyed reading about her fiber inspirations. According to the article, she is a self-professed "spinning fiend" who prefers cuddly textures and bright zingy colors, so her favorite materials are  Jacquard acid dyes and soft Merino wool. This one was a blend of merino, alpaca and white tussah silk.

This photo, taken by Yvette, shows the beauty of the fiber and the yarn.
 I am certainly pleased with the way it wove up and excited to be a part of this chain of creation. 
I want to call it a collaboration, except for the fact that it was totally unplanned.
Maybe serendipity is more like it. 

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