Monday, November 7, 2011

Workshop Day 3 Wrap Up

What a great time we all had! There was humor, color, and lots of learning. The table in the center of the  studio reflects our state of creative mayhem!

Each day's lessons built up layers of understanding, one thing leading into the next. 

By the end of our three days we had worked through several variations of warp substitution, culminating in a patterned double weave. 

Martha Stanley, who lent us her studio for the workshop, spent some time showing her projects which reproduced Anasazi textiles. She is a treasure! How lucky we were to have this as a bonus!

Beautiful and amazing. We hope to see this in a museum one day so others can benefit from her years of research and re-construction of this blanket design. 

At the end of the workshop we all gathered 'round to view each others accomplishments, marvel at each person's creativity with color and pattern. What a awesome time we had! Thanks to all for making it so!

Ingrid Crickmore had a sampling of her braids on hand for us to look at. 
You can see more of her work here on her blog,
Many of us are looking forward to a workshop in January or February with Ingrid to learn her braiding technique. And it will  be good to get the group together again!

And there was talk about scheduling Laverne back for another workshop in the Spring. What do we want her to teach us next? As I go forth into my workaday world, I carry the sweet memories of our time and visions of patterns dance in my head. I can't seem to stop thinking about this beautiful backstrap that I have been using. Maybe I should spend some time on the lessons from Laverne's book, Andean Pebble Weave


  1. Annie, it was so much fun. Thank you so much for inviting me there and having me in your home. You guys just blew me away with the way you all took that weft twining and ran with it as well as with the way you all dared to go with the non traditional color schemes. I am moving on to my next workshop with memories of lots of laughter and good times as well as with visions of butterflies, bays, bridges and beaches. I hope to see you all again next spring.

  2. What beautiful weavings!! Looks like everyone is having a great time. I think I would enjoy backstrap weving if I knew more about it.

    Fun With Fiber, blog.