Monday, March 7, 2011

New Sashes and Straps Off The Loom This Week

Lots of weaving has been going on this week, I am happy to report. I'm working on building up inventory for upcoming events and just generally stocking the Etsy shop. So, below are some photos of what I've been weaving. So far, simple, plain weave straps and sashes.

These first two use an assortment of yarns mixed at random to create a pebbly effect. It was a good way to use some yarns which I only had small amounts of. 

Greens, blues and grays in wool, some handspun

Browns, tans and off-white cottons, some handspun

  These next two are made from the hemp yarns which I bought at Stitches West.

This was nice to work with and created crisp patterns.

I Like This Photo With the Props

Made With Handspun Yarns. The Merino in the Center Feels Lovely

The Deep Red Yarn Overdyed With Black Makes Me Think of Bing Cherries.
Next, I think I'll do some with pickup patterns.


  1. All wonderful and as you say the hemp is so crisp looking. The bing cherries are luscious. ;)

  2. I've always wanted to learn how to weave. Your sashes are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks, Elephunk. I looked at your Etsy shop. You have some talents of your own. Inkle weaving is so easy and a great way to get started in the craft.
    Let me know if you want to give it a try and I'll connect you with sources and info. Woven bands could be fun to incorporate into your hats! I've a few hatbands in my Etsy shop, but it would be neat to make them a part of the hat and I've thought about doing that. Maybe we should collaborate! ~Annie