Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Celtic Knots and Other Fun Things This Week

Celtic knot patterns are so amusing to weave! Here are two versions that I did to make a strap for my friend's camera. At first she suggested blues and greens so I made this one.
Not quite it. So it became a sash and went to the Etsy shop.

Next we tried pinks and purples. I sorted through my stash to find yarns with a similar weight, and came up with this combination. She is smitten.

And here's what it looked like before weaving. I just kinda like this picture.

For me, I think both straps have the same problem of the pattern not showing up against the background nearly as well as I had anticipated, although the camera doesn't make this as obvious as it is to the naked eye.   I have studied color theory a little, but just find that if I wing it, it usually works. And then there are the surprises like this.  Do you ever have this problem?  It would be wonderful to hear from all the weavers out there about your color selection process. Leave me a comment and tell me what works for you.

There are other very exciting things happening around my weaving this week which do not involve a loom.

1) I was invited to join a new Etsy team and find myself among a fabulous group of talented weavers. Follow this link to check out our members page, and visit some shops if you dare!
2) Also, this week I started a 3 week online class called "Craft Blog Tuneup". There are some great ideas floating around there! It is taught by  Sister Diane  of CraftyPod Publishing. The class has 24 talented and creative people enrolled. I must find time to visit all of their blogs!
3) I took a virtual tour of the Weavolution website and learned about the online weaving classes that are being offered there. Looks like a webcam is in my future so that I can participate in this program. Click here for a list of classes that you can sign up for now. Or here to see the Inkle and Tablet Weaving group. Simply mind boggling! Lately, I have been posting a few of my projects on Weavolution and it's fun.

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  1. Oh, such exciting stuff! Love the bands, that pink one really really pops!