Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flickr- Social Networking by Photograph

Do you all know about Flickr? It is one of the photo-sharing websites out there. There are others; this is the one that I happen to use. Hours of entertainment! It is like social networking with pictures. Some of the pictures have nice descriptions and some just leave you wondering.  I belong to several groups where I can view photographs by other people with like interests. For example, the Tesutti- Woven Stuff group. Full of inspiration!
My friendship with fellow weaver , Laverne Waddington, is a result of me seeing her photos on Flickr, and then her blog and then meeting her at a conference. It was not a chance meeting.  I knew I wanted to meet her because I saw the photographs of her beautiful weaving on Flickr first!
There are statistics tracked by Flickr. I can see how many people looked at which of my photos. Sometimes they mark them as favorites or add them to a collection. Every day somebody somewhere in the world is looking at my photographs! Over time, here are the top ten favorites, the ones that get the most views.

Detail of Guitar Strap Woven from a Tie-Dyed T-shirt
T-Shirt Strap on the Loom

My Son Max & I at the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous 2009
My Collection of Red Sashes

Inkle Mosaic

Family Love-  Me & the Kids Got Tattooed
Variations on the Celtic Knot Pattern
Mola Shoes with Woven Shoelaces

Detail of Guitar Strap

The Easterners- Taken at Pacific Primitive Rendezvous 2009

And then, here are some of my favorites by others. I love color!

And some of my "contacts". Shari, a talented basketweaver and photographer from Nova Scotia, Canada shares her lovely photos via Flickr. We also read each others' blogs.

I know that at least one customer has come to me because he saw my photos on Flickr. But, that is another story.


  1. I don't spend near enough time on flickr I guess. Everything was beautiful, but those mola shoes, where did you get those shoes???? My most favorite top has a mola I purchased onwards of 20 years ago, still all in service and it has given me great joy. It is showing it's age though as is the top. But I can cut the mola off.
    Have a grand Thanksgiving!

  2. Theresa- Use Flickr with caution. You could easily get lost there!
    Here is a link to a previous post on this blog about my mola shoes. It contains a link to the website for MamaShaman, the company that makes the shoes.

  3. Thanks for the kind words Annie! I agree, Flickr is a great place to share and be inspired by the whole world. I am always amazed at the connections we have with people around the world and that a simple photo can tell a great story.