Thursday, October 28, 2010

October is Almost Gone. What a Month!

October is one of those months when there are usually more things to do than I can possibly take in.
This one was no exception. I spent the month doing and haven't been blogging about what I have been doing.
There was the Santa Cruz County Artists Open Studios, Northern California Renaissance Faire, Welcome Back Monarch's Day, a trip to San Diego, a rigid heddle weaving class in Anaheim at Newton's Yarn Country Fall Festival, and a number of custom weaving orders.

I'll start with last weekend and work backward. My sweet husband and I took off for 5 days to San Diego, a place that I have never been. He is a competitive rifleman and won the match at the San Diego Scheutzen Guild's annual Octoberfest. While he was out at the shooting range winning ribbons and medals, I went exploring.

Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a huge place in the middle of San Diego. It contains the famous San Diego Zoo and numerous museums and attractions. I had long been wanting to see the San Diego Museum of Man and got that opportunity. I also saw the Mingei International Museum of Folk Art, Craft and Design which I found to be very interesting. Here are a few quick photos of what I liked there.

Between East and West- Folk Art Treasues of Romania

Viva Mexico! Heroes and Artisans  
This pot and rug are from Oaxaca. There were lots of weavings on display, most were from the family of Isaac Vasquez Garcia.

Zandra Rhodes - A Lifelong Love Affair With Textiles
A really inspired designer. I was especially fond of this piece with feather trim.

Also in Balboa Park, I found the Spanish Village, which contains 37 galleries and working studios representing around 200 artists. I enjoyed shopping there and talking to the artists. The setting was beautiful for the purpose and how could you not love the colored patio?

Our accommodations for the weekend were aboard this yacht anchored at the south end of the San Diego Bay. 
 Being on the boat was very peaceful. One of our neighbors, who we saw every evening was this very tame blue heron.
I took a lot of sunset photos.
And the lights in the distance were Tijuana, Mexico. 

I really wanted to go across the border, but it was not to be this trip. Another time.


  1. What a great escape! Thanks for posting the museum textiles. The necklace or collar ties or whatever they are from Romania must have taken ages to make. Amazing.

  2. Yes, it was a great escape! I love seeing "ethnic" textiles and was pleased to have a chance to enjoy all of the interesting detail of these Romanian outfits.