Monday, April 12, 2010

Conference of Northern California Handweavers

Wow! What a great weekend at CNCH!
Here are some highlights. Some of them will show up as longer stories later.
Syne Mitchell, who writes the online magazine, Weavezine, gave a great keynote speech about using the internet to keep the craft of weaving alive.
I took her class on this topic, too. I'm thinking about getting myself a new domain name, and creating a new blog site that will be more polished looking and stand in place of a website. I'll give you plenty of notice before I move.
Weaving in the educational booth was lots of fun. The belt with letters came out great and lots of folks got to see it coming along. I finished the strap from the previous post with beads on the borders.

A group from the Handweavers Guild of Monterey invited me to sit at their table in the crowded restaurant. They were clearly having a good time and it was fun to share in that.
I met a wonderful backstrap weaver from Bolivia, Laverne Waddington, whose work I have been greatly admiring on the web. Our Santa Cruz guild hopes to get her to do a workshop for us in the future.

Laverne took me along when invited to see a collection of sashes from Russian "Old Believers".
Kathe Todd-Hooker taught a class on how to make the traditional tassels for these sashes.

The fashion show was full of amazing garments and hosted by the very entertaining Rachel Clark, who I am fortunate enough to know in a local textile art group.
My wallet did not take a huge hit. I did not go crazy buying yarn, just picked up some carpet wool for cheap, and some wonderfully crafted wooden shuttles from Jim Pritchard of Herndon Creek Farm.


  1. It looks like a wonderful weekend was had by all. I've seen Laverne's work on the web also, along with Kathe's and it's all so beautiful and inspiring.
    The Old Believer's sashes are marvelous and those are lovely shuttles.
    They look satiny smooth.

  2. love the shuttles! And the yarn underneath them is so pretty - I'm a big green fan!

  3. These shuttles are polished to a very fine finish. They are a pleasure to hold. I bought some from this craftsman before and my husband insisted I pick up a couple more at the conference. Great husband, great shuttles.