Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And a Good Time Was Had by All.....

On the left is me showing off my new dress. On the right is my husband.

Once again, it was possibly the best weekend of the year.
This is the 17th year (I think) that I have attended the Traders' Faire at Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. The Faire is set in the year 1846 and all vendors (traders) are dressed in period clothing, selling period wares. If you are lucky enough to get invited, you are able to camp within the Fort walls in a State Park where camping is not usually allowed. We have to pay a small fee which really just covers the cost of feeding us. The docents cook 3 meals a day over the open hearth in the kitchen. Always delicious. And often there are cinnamon rolls made in the horno oven.
After all these years, it seems sort of like a family reunion. For two days I get to sit around weaving, visiting and people keep coming up to give me money. If the weather is warm, I don't even have to wear shoes. (I like going barefoot.) My sweetie went, too. What more could I ask for?
This year I took lots of photos. (None of the event, I realized later.) I used my friends as models and staged still lifes with my straps using cool props from other traders. Fun!
Many of these will appear in my Etsy shop.
Here are a few.


  1. Lovely dress and the sash you used certainly makes it pop! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me too!

  2. Since this was the 17th annual Trader's Faire, if you've been there every year, you've been there 17 years! Great to see you and I'm glad you were able to put your new photography skills to work!
    Big cyber hugs----

  3. Oh, I thought it was the 18th. I think I showed up the first year as a walk-in and got invited back as a trader. Anyway, it has been a wonderful weekend every year for many! I enjoy being part of the "Ladies Lane" and keeping in touch between is cool.

  4. I love your new dress! What pattern did you to make it?

  5. Thanks, Anne.
    My friend made it and she is so good that she doesn't use patterns most of the time. She simply calls it a Metis dress.