Friday, March 12, 2010

Playing with Color

You may remember seeing this photo a couple of posts back when I was showing off what I purchased at Stitches West.
They were purchased as individual spools of string in interesting colors that I don't usually see in this fine crochet cotton. They were not intended to be used together, rather mixed with other colors that I already had.

But then, they sat around the house for a week or so after the purchase, waiting to be put away properly. Hmmmm.......... I got used to seeing them together. Maybe I should weave them together, I thought.
The result is interesting, surprising, and not a bad choice after all. I like how crisp the pattern is with these small, smooth strands of cotton.


  1. A rich and unexpected mixture of colors!

  2. These look great together. Each color is equally rich in tone. Love it.

  3. Your belts are beautiful. Makes me want to get back to weaving soon. Like you, I have a life time supply of rug wool.

  4. Thanks! I have tried to study color, but find that it is more fun just to play with it. I like the description "rich and unexpected". I may use that when I list it in my Etsy shop.

  5. Just love those colors! Clicked over here from Life Looms Large.
    What a nice blog! Beautiful bands.

  6. Annie, I just received this belt and it is even more beautiful "in person"! Thank you for sharing your weaving artistry with us.