Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Bookmarks

I always enjoy weaving strings of bookmarks before the holiday shows. A fine cotton crochet thread is used, such as Coats and Clarks Knit Cro Sheen or Aunt Lydias Crochet Cotton. Some of these are available with a little mylar or lurex for sparkle.The sparkly ones make a perfect addition to bookmarks woven for holiday gift giving.
On my Schacht looms I can weave 12 at a time. This photo shows the Ashford Inklette, which can hold up to 7 bookmarks.

To make them, I weave for 6", cut the weft, put a 2" piece of cardboard in the warp for a spacer and begin weaving again. When I cut the whole thing off the loom, I use a needle to weave the weft backwards into the last two rows...

 ...and cut the unwoven portion of the warp midway between the bookmarks, leaving a 1" fringe on each end.


  1. How pretty and useful! These would be great to put on the outside gift wrapping of a book. So cool!

  2. Wow - you and I are on the same wavelength (or weavelength) these days!

    I've been designing some Christmas bookmarks to give as gifts. Mine won't be on an inkle loom, and in fact, my design made another weaver cringe at our guild meeting yesterday. But I'm glad to see you using red and green...because that's where I'm heading too! (The cringing weaver didn't like my color choice of red and green. But I have to see if she's right for myself!!)

    Have fun!