Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Bought It On Etsy

Do you all know about Etsy? It is the place on the internet "to buy & sell all things handmade".You can check out the Etsy homepage here.A family member introduced me to it a couple of years ago and last year, I set up my shop. It is an easy format to use and costs almost nothing. This makes selling your creations on the internet accessible for most people. Etsy is huge. In the month of September they claim $16 Million in sales representing 967,037 items sold.
As a seller, I feel like I have to work to make my items stand out. It has been fun. I've made some friends among other sellers. And, of course, I've bought a few things. When Etsy publishes their sales for October, I will be among the sellers and buyers included. It was a good month!
Here are some rewards I gave my self for all that hard work.
This is a woven cuff from BarefootWeaver.

And a handknit pair of socks from WoolandWood.


  1. Wow! Annie, it looks so good on you!!! One of my favorites! Thanks so much for putting my/your cuff on your blog!! :) xoxo Cait

  2. Thanks, Cait. In the background of that photo is a handwoven shirt by Robin Pascal of New Mexico. Although the colors are different,it is funny how they go together. She does a lot of mixing of yarns in her work.