Monday, August 17, 2009

The World's Best Photos Of Inkle

The internet is a fun place. One of the things I enjoy is posting photos to my Flickr page. Other people see my photos and sometimes start conversations. I belong to a few weaving groups on Flickr and add my photos to a group pool.I have "met" a few weavers there. A few weeks back, one of my photos was selected by an online city guide. This week, Flickr put together a collection that they called "The World's Best Photos of Inkle". Sounds great, right?
Well, even if they only looked at the Flickr members photos, I was glad to have so many of mine included in the collection. If you like inkle weaving, I suggest that you take a few moments to browse this collection.There is some fabulous stuff there as well as great first efforts. These are just two of my photos.


  1. There is some great inspiration there!

  2. Great link to some wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I had to look up and see who bspinner was!
    My maiden name is Spinner, which is why I use it in my business name. I thought you were a relative! Glad you both liked the inkle collection of photos. No one in my area is interested in inkle weaving as much as me, so I am glad to have found some connections on the internet.