Monday, July 27, 2009

The Red Collection

The dining room in our house has been dubbed the "Artifact Room". I love handmade things and tend to collect them. My husband does a fair bit of collecting, too. Although there is interesting stuff in every room, this one houses an ever-changing textile display. There are 2 wooden, hand-carved textile hangers from Indonesia which are great for displaying assorted pieces from my collection. Sometimes they display things that I have woven. Sometimes they display things we have collected. This is what is currently on display, The Red Collection. It includes sashes I have woven, some from the Southwest US, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. I am very lucky to have some of these pieces. If you are interested in learning which are which, click on this link.
I have the photo posted on my Flickr page and it has labels that pop up when you run your cursor over them. It's cool!

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