Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flowers and Pancakes for Mother's Day

Great Day!
I am the proud mother of 3: Lalani, Max and Natasha.
Today I celebrated.
Rick (my amazing husband)made two kinds of pancakes for breakfast. Regular Krusteaz pancake mix and some corn cakes. Natasha decorated this one with chocolate chips.

Max bought a whole flat of petunias for me and everybody worked in the yard pulling weeds, planting, sweeping, etc.

Lalani was at work. She bought me a Corn Maiden Katchina during our trip last week to Arizona. I love anything about corn, so this is one of my favorites.

Look for some Arizona photos soon.
For Mother's Day Natasha and I had planned a mother/daughter photo blog project. We didn't get it done yet, so look for that to show up soon also.

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  1. What great kids and a wonderful husband! Sounds like you had a fabulous Mother's Day! Life is good.