Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, That's How I Did It!

Once at a weaving conference, I saw someone doing a pickup on an inkle loom unlike anything I had seen before. It was lettering on a vertical striped warp! So I tried it. Well, I understood the concept, but without a graph of each letter it proved too much of a challenge.
The idea of pickup on the vertical stripe was interesting so I played with it and what I wove became Grant's strap (shown in the previous post). Recently reminded of how well this turned out, I decided to replicate it, sort of. (I never do two straps alike).
This is what I wove last weekend. The photo above shows what the plain weave looks like.
Just stripes. I wove for about 3" before starting the pickup.
Here's how the pickup part went:
Row 1 Reach under and pick up all black threads in the row below
Row 2 Weave it plain
Row 3 Reach under and pick up all red threads in the row below
Row 4 Weave it plain
Here's what the pickup part looks like:

The strap continued with 3" of plain weave and 3" of this pickup pattern alternating.
I did the weaving while at a craft fair in Boulder Creek. Before the day was over, the strap was sold. Yay!

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  1. Nice! Would have loved to see it in person - but guess you had to be there. Hope the show went well.