Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good and Bad News

Guitar Straps
The good news is I sold these two guitar straps on my Etsy shop!
The bad news is that now I have to say goodbye to them.
I think they are both great examples of how the right colors can make a simple geometric pickup pattern look fabulous! They are both done on the speckled background. The one on the left actually incorporates picking and dropping of pattern threads. The one on the right is picking only.
I hope that many happy musical hours are in store for them together with their new owners.
And thanks to Connie for shopping Etsy!


  1. It's always sad to see them go, but nice to know that someone appreciates your art!!

  2. Annie, These two ARE very special! Kiss them goodbye, release them and know you have just created space for more to be created.

  3. I am the luckiest shopper on the planet. You will be glad to know these beautiful straps are gifts for two very special guitarists who will treasure them forever. Thanks for selling them to me!