Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Color & Pattern Packs

Inkle weaving is my passion. I love to play with color and pattern combinations!!
Not everyone enjoys the color selection process as much as I do.  
This is why I developed "Color and Design Packs". The yarn that I use most often in my straps is Omega Sinfonia. It is thicker than other commonly used crochet cottons,
 and thicker than a #3 perle cotton. 
It's a 6-strand cable, fairly firm and durable. It comes in many pretty colors!

Each pack includes 4 skeins of yarn and a page illustrating a dozen patterns which could be used with this combination. Using this yarn the patterns will produce 1" bands. 

Wider bands could be inspired by the designs, however. 

The designs could also be used with other color combinations. 
They are meant to help beginners or those who struggle with color.  
I encourage the use of these designs as a way to get started, but they can also 
give you ideas for developing your own designs.

The packs are for sale here in my Etsy shop: ASpinnerWeaver on Etsy

So far, there are 8 combinations, but I will keep adding more since I have so many great colors to choose from. 

Below is one of my all-time favorite designs which looks good in many combinations of colors. 
This is what the warping charts look like in the pattern packs. I also have a new way of showing the draw-down so you can actually see what the pattern is going to look like when woven. I'm excited about this method as it will be super useful to illustrate the designs in the book I'm working on!
Look for that in 2017.

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