How to setup and weave on an inkle loom

Tips and tricks for getting started, a video I made with the help of The Shutter and The Shuttle.

Although I cover this briefly, in the above video, Impending Looms has a very thorough video about how to test for the correct length of string heddles and tie your own.
Heather Heroldt did a fine job of writing a tutorial on basic inkle weaving as well as one on horizontal bar pickups. Find them here as PDF's :

From the Ashford  Wheels & Looms Website. This little booklet gives very clear instruction on setting up your inkle loom. Page 15 has a section on weaving letters written by myself.
From Schacht Spindle Company. This PDF is the instruction booklet for how to use their inkle loom.
An article by Ruth Temple in WeaveZine.
This project tutorial includes good photos of setup and weaving.
The website of Eve the Just.
This site includes several links. You can read written directions with good diagrams on how to create simple patterns. It also has the best instructions on how to create pickup patterns, both written and in video form.
If you are interested in doing pickups, you should absolutely watch the video! The blog of Susan Foulkes is a wonderful source of ideas,  projects, and tips for weaving bands. Susan has traveled and studied band weaving in many places and has much scholarly information. The blog of Jennifer Williams has some great project ideas and tutorials.

Charting Patterns
This is an amazing online tool for designing inkle patterns! Highly recommended! It's the best! It was created by Jeff Bigot of France.
This blank page can be printed out so you can color in the design using markers or colored pencil. Or use it in MS Paint. It is the one I've used on this blog and am very grateful to Misty Wood for it!  Patterns on this blog that have already been charted for you
For help with choosing colors, this is a nice simple formula from a fiber artist.
Play for days with this color wheel and color scheme generator!
If you look down at the bottom of the page, you will see a link to upload a photograph and have the generator pull the colors from it for you. Brilliant!

A Comparison of different inkle looms

Where to buy books, looms, yarn

Some of the things I use and recommend

Pickups and advanced patterning
The blog of Laverne Waddington, who is an accomplished backstrap weaver. She has wonderful stories and photos of her travels and studies with indigenous weavers across the Americas. The site also includes many tutorials on all of the techniques she has learned. Many of her design techniques can be done on inkle looms.
This tutorial on simple warp floats is very nicely done. 
I highly recommend this one!
A video which I made demonstrating the "Greek Key" pattern using a horizontal bar background for pickup.

Heather Heroldt has written a great tutorial on how to create pickup patterns on the horizontal bar background. A printable PDF can be found here:

This video of Baltic pickup by Marieke Kranenburg shows the process very clearly and distinctly!! She includes instruction on how to read a block chart and weave a pattern from it:

Heather Torgenrud's blog includes this very nice article on how to design pickup patterns using Norwegian motifs:
Grace Hatton's article in WeaveZine on Scandanavian Tape Looms and Patterns

by Anita Apinis-Herman
The website of Anneliese Bläse
This website is written in German, but is worth the trip to see the photos of pickup bands.

Adding beads into the borders

Although she is demonstrating on a rigid heddle, this easily translates to an inkle loom and is how I have added beads to my inkle bands.

Making a Small Bag

Sara Lamb's blog is full of interesting things including this tutorial about how to construct a bag from inkle bands! She has since written a very beautiful instruction book about making small bags called "Small Treasures". Find it here:

Jennifer Williams' blog, Inkled Pink, has lots of creative project ideas!

Where to find hardware and materials

In Print

"Inkle Weaving" by Helene Bress
This is the inkle book that covers it all, including building a loom, how to warp and weave, pattern-making, and projects.

In Celebration of Plain Weave: Color and Design Inspiration for Inkle Weavers
by Annie MacHale   
Annie distills color theory into some basic guidelines specifically for band weavers and demonstrates how to get extraordinary results using plain weave only. The art is in the warping and the possibilities are endless!
I wrote this book to help inkle weavers design beautiful plain weave bands. It describes basic color terminology and color theory and suggests how your can use this in a narrow warp-faced band. Tips for choosing color combinations are given. Various pattern elements are illustrated and there is a catalog of 200 patterns which you can use as shown or to inspire your own designs.

"The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves" by Anne Dixon, published in 2012.
It includes an amazing array of patterning techniques and inspirations, although very little on plain weave.  I have a few copies for sale here in my Etsy shop.

Susan Foulkes has published several books on band weaving, all recommended.
"The Art of Simple Band Weaving - Colour and Pattern"
"Sami Band Weaving"
"Weaving Sami Bands"
"Woven Bands from Sweden"
You can find them all here:
Her blog is also very interesting:

"Norwegian Pickup Bandweaving" by Heather Torgenrud

"Colorworks - The Crafter's Guide to Color" by Deb Menz

"ColorPlay" by Joen Wolfrom 

Send me a message if you have resources that you would like me to consider adding.